Shipping Updates

Shipping updates: 5/30

Flash sale happening now!

Up now:
Halloween Burtons + Shaker Bats + Bat Spellduster!

Rts Orders!
7 bus days or so right now 🖤 Christina is back with us! We are so excited ❤

Luxe Spellbound!
All are out according to my checks--if you arent moving, shoot me a message ill make sure everything is okay! For swaps:

Dark arts + villains + Starbies
All are done if you dont have STARBIES in your order. If you have starbies we have started them as the boxes were separated and rest will be out this week. We have pulled a lot of the starbies labels before we realized they were separated (it's a lot of boxes! ha) so we have everything in those orders pulled but all dark arts + villains combined orders should be caught up this week.

Bluey bamboo is in quality control. Waiting on ship date. Should be soon.

Shoes have mostly arrived and we are pulling labels today. I went ahead and did partials if you had mostly luxe and one bluey shoe so you aren’t waiting! Bluey + Dark arts shoes did ship separately from luxe for the most part (unless you had 1-2 luxe and a lot of bluey/dark arts. It will show partial shipped in your email if that was the case and theyll be coming separately! Youll get new tracking soon for those.

Wonderland/Bugs/ Spooky + Sweet stuff in production. There was a delay in getting the zippers (we use ykk zippers and that usually takes 35 days.) I’m waiting to see if this is going to delay timing. Will keep this updated. They’re saying July to us.

Bamboo timeline is tentative 10-12 weeks plus ship time. Please size accordingly and this can change as we are worked in their production schedule. We have decided to try and look for a factory that’s a little more consistent on timing. Keep y’all updated on that. Lots of samples in production!

Eris drop in production + Hallofall bamboo is waiting their turn in production schedule. Once I have updates I’ll post them here!

Just a quick update! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Need help: you can use chat feature on website or

IF I owe you anything, or If I've forgotten to do anything for you, do you mind bumping it for me? I've been having some brain fog stuff and I just want to make sure I dont forget anyone! ❤ You can always message me or Nicole!

  • FALLOWEEN is in production as of now with estimated due date in July/August. We will update if this changes.
This information can change so feel free to shoot us a message below if you need any size changes or direct updates!
Our Bamboo factory is one of the best we were able to find, due to their production schedule (They do over a million pieces a month) our timeline with them does fluctuate. They're not small brand friendly, but we do think their quality is the best. We have been sampling other factories to try and find one that is more small brand friendly, but as of now, please note bamboo is 10-12 weeks or so plus transit time. They give us an estimate when we place the order, as the production is in place, that can vary a fe

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