Spellbound Soles. Crafted Soles with a bit of Magick

Crafted Soles for all your Witchies + Wildlings

Mommy + Me Always

Forever doing matching mommy and me!


Halloween is coming!

Halloween is currently in transit to us so be sure to grab Burtons or Delias as the perfect mix and match!

Up Next: Shipping Witches + Halloween

All your favorite spooky Spellbounds will be hitting your mailbox soon!

Crafted Strange And Unusual Soles

For all your little witchlings + wildlings

Crafted Soles with a Bit of Magick

Spellbound Supreme Team

A little bit about the people behind Spellbound!

Hi, I'm Brooke, the head witch around here. I do everything from packing to design to running our VIP! Our VA Nicole is also a huge part of Spellbound and you will see her helping you guys out with swaps + VIP questions. We love everything black, design and creating moments, full moons and stories lost to antiquity.  We live in Atlanta in a haunted black house where I've been a furniture and event designer for many years. 

Please feel to reach out to me personally if you need any help with any of our drops. 

Thank you for being part of our Magick.

In a Spooky Galaxy far far away.....

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